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Horses Shat Here: Inhabit this 19th Century Firehouse

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Just when you expect a real estate listing to scream "RARE OPPORTUNITY!!", it doesn't. How's this for rare: A newly renovated (but awfully cluttered) single-family in a 19th century firehouse. Fresh on the market, you know the hippest of house hunters will be clamoring for this one. Built in the days of the horse-drawn fire engine, this Wicker Park anomaly has 12-foot wood-beamed ceilings on the ground floor, and cozy den-like spaces on the second floor. It also boasts 3 fireplaces, a rooftop deck, skylights, an attached garage, and replica firehouse front doors. From the listing photos, at least, it looks like one set of vertical support beams are a stand in for the more pleasing wooden variety. Curbed's advice: If you're gonna replace 'em, get a professional. The ask: $789K.
·Listing: 1357 N Wolcott Ave. [Koenig & Strey]