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An Enormous South Shore 4BR for $1,500/mo

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A 4BR for $1,500/mo. That's what we're rapping about today in our rental slot. Miraculously, you don't have to be teensy to enjoy these bedrooms. You can spindly, in fact. At 3,500 sq. ft., there's plenty of space allotted each room. Other selling points include hardwood floors, back yard, and a 2-car garage. On a dense block with lots of greenery, the only real drags are the commute to downtown, and a relative lack of services. Otherwise, it's straddled by a pair of golf courses and sits two short blocks from the lake. Perhaps you read our brush-up on the 'hood this summer... this is one of the nice pockets.
·Listing: 6817 S Crandon Ave #3 [Zillow]