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Fast-Track Your B & B Plans— Buy This One for $2.69M

How often does Chicago get a "Flemish Revival" home on the market? How about a "Flemish Revival" Bed & Breakfast? An unusual find, the Gold Coast's Flemish House B & B is listed for $2.69M. An established business with positive cash-flow, this 1892 property is divided into 5 studios, 2 1BD/1BA, and a 2BR/2BA owner-occupied unit. David Zapata, president of Zapwater Communications, tipped Curbed off to this property, and visiting the B & B site we read that "Sometime between World Wars I and II, the building was divided into apartments. Fortunately, many original features of the home were saved." This extends to wood-paneled rooms, fireplaces, and decorative moldings. And all that Victorian furnishing and decor is included. Painstakingly restored, The Flemish House has a rep that'll carry over, if the buyer elects to continue the business.
·Listing: 68 E Cedar St. [Kiser Group]
·Official Site: The Flemish House of Chicago