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Big Deal: A Sharp & Classy 19th Century Reno

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Deals are to be had in every price bracket. But there's always a price threshold, neighborhood to neighborhood, below which quality almost certainly suffers. True deals are a little harder to come by. That's why we founded our handy Below 300K Club, to spotlight exceptional cases in a diversity of 'hoods. Today's initiation is a 3BR/2BA 1874 rowhouse in the Near West Side, built to withstand a fire. Beautifully renovated, with a new kitchen, walnut floors, patio, private yard, and a 2-car garage. On the market for 5 months now, the price is down $50K from its original posting. The area's "transitional" tag surely keeps the price depressed on this and other nearby gems. But c'mon folks, there's nothing wrong with a working class neighborhood... we wouldn't want Near North prices everywhere, would we?
·Listing: 2426 W Flournoy St. [Keller Williams Realty]