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Free Fallin'

Crain's released a map today depicting the continued gloom in city home prices. Organized by zip code, only Glenview's 60025 experienced an increase between the 4Q 2010 and 2Q 2011, and a modest one at 0.4%. Several Southwestern zip codes had drops of over 5%. Areas of the Far South Side, near the border with Burnham, had the greatest decreases, all in the mid-teens. Some neighborhoods of the South and West sides, everyone knows, have lost as much as a quarter of their population, so prices will respond to that, clearly. North Side prices are, for the most part, holding steady. There are no real surprises here, only confirmations of structural problems both locally and nationwide. Visit Crain's for the full interactive experience...
·Interactive Graphic: Home Prices 2011 [Crain's]