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On the Block: A Mansion That Dared to List at 2002 Price

It's not that we're obsessed with this property, but it's got an interesting saga. We wrote up this mansion at 920 W Castlewood Terrace exactly a year ago, as a new listing. It was being offered at its 2002 price— a brazen act for any home, anywhere. There was speculation afoot as to tiny pockets of the city that might be recovering to 2002 prices, but honestly, nobody really knew anything. Fast forward a year, and we find our old crush, still on the market, it's ask down 25%. Once $1.35M, this gorgeous house is at $995K. If you go all the way back to Spring 2010 listing, before it came off the market to be repriced, you'll see it initially wanted $1.6M! The pricechopper has stuck down another dream.
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