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A Misplaced Contemporary Limestone for $799K

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Someone clearly thought that, through material and mimicry, they could build a home that was a good neighbor to the surrounding 19th century limestone Victorians. This can be done of course, with care. Here, they pitched the roof, copied the stoop, and fashioned a limestone facade. It's not neon, it's not a skycraper, and yet it doesn't work at all. Maybe it's the windows or the painful symmetry, or maybe it's just a lack of personality in the company of exciting buildings. Another thing: the limestone facade is so thin, it does little to hide the cheap brick visible from the side. Inside, things are as they should be— big spaces, high ceilings, hardwoods, top-notch appliances, and rear decks. And the location, at 4143 S Drexel Ave., fronts boulevard greenery. Not a bad place to live by any stretch, just unkind to the block. The listing reads "open concept great for entertaining and showcasing your artwork". Too bad the house itself isn't more artful. The ask: $799,900.
·Listing: 4143 S Drexel Ave. [Coldwell Banker]