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Mixed-Use Evanston Development Gets Twice Approved

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Developers have been planning an attack on the vacant site of the Evanston 5 Theaters, at Central and Eastwood, for years now. Despite 2007 Council approval of a plan for a 51-unit low rise condo building, the economy disapproved and paralyzed the plan. Developer Robert Horne came back last week with a beefed-up version boosting the number of units to 80, reducing parking by 20%, and trading in brick cladding for cement paneling over much of the exterior (which, as you can see, produced serious aesthetic changes). There will also be 10,600 sq. ft. of ground-floor retail and restaurant space. With these major modifications, the development will still occupy essentially the same footprint as the 2007 design. Neighbors and NIMBYists made themselves heard as the project advanced from panel to committee to Council, with one opponent, Kevin O'Connor, even complaining of insufficient parking. But the plan will stand. That is, unless it goes dormant again. Bonus: see the old rendering below.
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