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A Cool House, Perched In Anticipation Above Bloomingdale

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It's not every day we stop to admire the infill. But when that infill has a perch over the Bloomingdale Trail and a claim to environmental sensitivity, it gets our attention. The construction at 1758 N Honore in Wicker Park is a venture of LG Development Group and architects Morgante-Wilson. It's culmination a big breezy single family. We couldn't bring the rendering to you, but you can see it here. Curbed digs the infused ground-floor facade of the old Get Me High Lounge, now with groovy window slits. Reads the architect's description:

The project converts Wicker Park's former Get Me High Lounge into a three story single family home with a magnificent roof deck and subterranean home theater. The home will have green features throughout such as solar hydronic panels, high efficiency radiant floor heat and cooling systems, rain water harvesting for irrigation, and recycled content in the foundation concrete and fiber cement siding. Joists in the existing building will be repurposed into stair treads and shelving. All interior paints and finishes are specified to reduce off-gassing of volatile chemicals. All of this hopes to add up to LEED Platinum certification. And good vibes.
· Official Rendering: Morgante-Wilson Architects