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Video Interlude: Save Bertrand Goldberg's Clover Leaf!

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The Bertrand Goldberg-designed Prentice Women's Hospital isn't everyone's favorite building, but it is one of the most distinctive structures in Chicago. The clover-shaped building has been mostly vacant since Northwestern Hospital moved out three years ago, and when the last remaining tenant, Stone Institute of Psychiatry, vacates the building this year, Northwestern will look to demolish it and build a new facility. The building isn't protected by Landmark status, and for several years preservation groups have been rallying to save it. (Landmarks Illinois has listed it on its annual "Ten Most Endangered Historic Places" list for the past two years.) The main question is, How can the building be reused? Landmarks Illinois is currently coordinating a reuse study to explore the possibility of rehabbing the building and converting it to research or lab space, the results of which should be released sometime this year. Hat tip to Newcity.
· Uncertain Future for Prentice Women’s Hospital [Preservation Nation]

Prentice Women's Hospital

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