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Why Use a Photo When You Can Have the Cartoon Version?

There's something a little unsettling about viewing a slide show of cartoony renderings for a resale condo. In the pre-construction stage it makes sense, because the developer wants to have something to show potential buyers (although it still doesn't give you a realistic image of the home). But for a resale, like this Water Tower Place condo that was posted on Huffington Post Chicago earlier today, it just seems like the seller is trying to hide something. So what if the home is empty? At least a photo of an empty room won't have a that strange frosty glow all over everything. The Atlanta-based company Virtually Staging Properties is responsible for producing these images, and according to their website, they use "the ACTUAL photographs of the property that you provide us and literally transform them into attractive, attention-getting pictures that drive buyer traffic to the home." We'd rather see the actual photos.
· Water Tower Condo Offers City Views, Big Price Cut [HufPo Chicago]