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A Lincoln Park "Master-Peace" in Grand Boulevard for $535K

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At the height of the boom, a nearly identical home was built next door to this one, at 4831 S. Champlain, which the developer called "Opulence." That home was originally priced at $920,000 in 2007, and after the bank took possession of it, it was sold for $335,000. This place has an even better name: "The Master-Peace" (or at least that's how the previous agent referred to it). The current listings describe it as "a Lincoln Park home for a quarter of the price." Call it what you will, but the 4BD, 4.5BA home is currently on the market for $535,000. Want to have a look inside? There's a video tour, set to a swingin' smooth jazz track. If you read enough real estate copy, you start to tune out hollow Realtor-speak, but it's a little different to hear a completely emotionless voice say things like, "The wooden floors throughout this home make living comfortable and desirable" or describe ceramic tile as "sumptuous." To be fair, the place does look pretty nice though.
· Listing: 4833 S Champlain Ave [Redfin]