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CTA Presents Six Options for Red and Purple Line Modernization

If you regularly click through the headlines on our AM and PM Linkage posts, you probably noticed that the CTA has begun discussing modernization options for the Red and Purple lines, north of Belmont. Like much of the system, that stretch of elevated track is old and crumbling, and in need of a serious overhaul. Last week, the CTA started holding scoping meetings to discuss some of the options that are on the table, which range from taking no action (cost: $280M) to tearing out the existing elevated tracks and replacing them with a two-track subway (cost: $4B). CTA Tattler has posted a detailed overview of the six modernization options, and Tribune transportation reporter Jon Hilkevitch published a nice cheat sheet yesterday, summarizing some of the pros and cons of each option. Without funding, any major overhaul is still a pipe dream, but it's still fun to imagine bringing one leg of the system into the 21st century.
· Options vary in price, improvements [Trib]
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