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Chicago's Top 5 Most Expensive Home Sales in January

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Winter is traditionally a tough time of year to sell a home in Chicago, and that's starting to show in the sale records of high-end homes. We took a look at the sale records shown on Redfin for the past month and found that 37 million-dollar homes sold during that time. All but the top seller, a 48th-floor unit in Elysian, were reduced in price at least once before selling, and all five sold for less than the list price.

5. The Home: 919 N. Dearborn St.
List Price: $2,990,000
Sale Price: $2,250,000
Notes: The George H. Taylor house, the third of three 19th century mansions marketed by Enterprise and Mesirow Financial, finally sold this month after more than $1.7 million was slashed from the price.

4. The Home: 21 E. Huron St. #4302
List Price: $2,950,000
Sale Price: $2,700,000
Notes: This 3,200-square-foot penthouse in The Pinnacle saw the smallest between list price and sale price of the five homes on this list. The 43rd-floor condo has two balconies and a 460-square-foot terrace.

3. The Home: 445 E. North Water St. #2701
List Price: $3,499,000
Sale Price: $2,850,000
Notes: We don't have the complete price history on this RiverView penthouse, but within the past year it was reduced by $1 million, and it ended up selling for another $600K less than that. Ouch.

2. The Home: 1728 N. Cleveland Ave.
List Price: $3,375,000
Sale Price: $2,925,500
Notes: After selling for $3.3 million in 2008, the previous owner listed this two-year-old Lincoln Park home slightly higher than what they paid for it. Instead, they ended up losing more than $400,000 on the place.

1. The Home: 11 E. Walton St. #4802
List Price: $4,125,000
Sale Price: $3,830,000
Notes: 2011 is starting like 2010 finished for Elysian, again taking the top spot for sale price. This 3,972-square-foot home only sat on the market for a day before it was snatched up.