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Rock Formations Threaten to Take Over this Lake View Condo

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It's early yet, but we may have found a winner for the 2011 'Cave Dwelling of the Year' award. It's tough to tell from the photos if the rocks on the walls are real or plaster, but it really doesn't matter, because someone already emptied a whole quarry into the place. Between the "hand-carved Las Vegas-style waterfall grotto" beneath the spiral stairs and the "hand-carved rockscape island with built-in computer" in the kitchen, there's enough to satisfy most rock enthusiasts. There's also a seamless polymerized concrete floor in the kitchen, which looks like it's spilling out into the living room. How much for this cavelicious crib? The 2BD, 2.5BA duplex can be yours for $500,000 (down from $575,000 in November), and it's available for rent for $3,495 per month.
· Listing: 855 W Barry Avenue #1B [Keller Williams]