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Video Interlude: Chicago Lakeside Promo Video

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Yesterday, NBC Chicago ran story about Lakeside, McCaffery Interests' South Works mega-project. The story, titled "The South Side Gets Its Lakefront Back," doesn't have much in the way of new information, but in it, project manager Nasutsa Mabwa observes that it's "the only community in Chicago where you'll have Lake Shore Drive to the west of where you live." Regardless of what you think of SOM and Antunovich's plans, the development will benefit from its unique location and lakefront property. And as dull as the Market Common phase looks, the plan for North Slip and many acres of parkland looks pretty excellent. At the end of the video, the voiceover narration leaves us with this vision: "Chicago Lakeside is space to create neighborhoods, a technology center, a medical complex... the Obama presidential library?" Whoa there! Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
· The South Side Gets Its Lakefront Back [NBC Chicago]