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Slight Reduction on Frank Lloyd Wright's Gridley House in Batavia

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There are a couple of classic Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Style homes on the market in the Chicago area, but they aren't going anywhere fast. The Gridley Residence in Batavia, IL was built in 1906, and it has been on the market for three years. The 5,100-square-foot stucco and wood house sits on a 2.3-acre property that includes a small ravine (Wright originally called it the "Ravine House"), and it has a massive covered porch. (View more photos here and here.) Original plans called for a barn, which was never built, and a stucco wall, which was removed. The place last sold for $980,000 in 2004, and it's currently listed for $1.45 million (down from $1.575 million in 2009).
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