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It Looks Rather Nice, But is this Lake View Condo a Steal?

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The magazine The Week featured this 2BD, 2BA in Lake View as its "Steal of the Week" last week, and at first glance the place does look like a decent deal for $399,000. With all that wood paneling, gorgeous plaster ceiling in the living room, and the barrel-vaulted hallway, it's certainly a beauty, but without knowing the square footage (which isn't posted in the listing), it's tough to say whether it's a real bargain. The market will ultimately decide. The place sold for $365,000 in 2004, and it has been on the market since August. The price was reduced by $10,000 last month; think it'll have to come down more before it sells?
· Listing: 3314 N Lake Shore Drive #6C [@properties]