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Tribune: Disgraced Tribune CEO Looks to Dump Streeterville Condo

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Yesterday, the Trib's Elite Street columnist Bob Goldsborough reported that ex-Tribune CEO Randy Michaels ("whose real name is Benjamin Homel," Goldsborough notes) has put his Streeterville condo up for sale. Michaels, of course, isn't just any ex-CEO; he was the primary villain in that 4,000-word New York Times story that ran in October chronicling the "bankrupt culture" at the troubled newspaper company. Michaels resigned shortly after the Times story ran, and he'll be remembered for two things: offering a waitress $100 to show him her breasts and circulating a list of 119 words and phrases that should never ever be uttered on WGN radio (our favorites: "Eye Rack or Eye Ran" and "mute point").

When the folks at the Tower caught wind of the Times story, Michaels sent out a memo arguing that the Tribune culture wasn't sexist and crude; rather, it was a "fun, non-linear creative environment." Michaels' penthouse-level condo isn't exactly non-linear (or is it?), but it does have some nice views, and he's offering it fully-furnished. Michaels bought the 3BD, 2BA unit in $970,000 in 2008, and he's trying to sell it for $989,000.
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