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Poll: What's the Most Exciting New Development on the Horizon?

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It isn't exactly boom time in Chicago, but construction isn't at a complete standstill, either. Since October, we've looked at a handful of new residential developments that are either proposed, planned, waiting for a loan, or in the early stages of construction. So we pose the question to you, Curbed reader: Which of these developments make your heart go pit-a-pat? (Put differently: Which development, above all others, would you like to see get built?) As some are sure to note, the list doesn't include every planned, proposed or under-construction building in the city. We've left out rehabs (Randolph Tower and St. Boniface), half-built high-rises (Ritz-Carlton Residences and Lincoln Park 2520), and developments that we have little or no information about (Peshtigo, 1233 North Wells). There are also several planned office towers that didn't make the cut. Feel free to nominate those and other deserving developments in the comments. Ready, set, VOTE!
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