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New Renderings of SoNo East Rental High-Rise

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Earlier this week, when we posted about SoNo East, Smithfield Development's new rental high-rise at 840 W. Blackhawk, we included a rough sketch from Antunovich Associates. Yesterday, we heard from Adam Berkelhamer, principal of California-based Berkelhamer Architects, who informed us that although Antunovich is the architect of record for the project, Berkelhamer is designing the building. Renderings from the Berkelhamer website show a glassy high-rise that is similar in many ways to the Booth Hansen-designed condo building next door, but it's quite different from the plans Booth Hansen drew up for that site (see slide #2 for comparison). Since the two-tower project was first floated, we've wondered whether a SoNo East tower would block the western tower's views. From this rendering, it appears to be offset enough for condo owners to at least have a clear view of the downtown skyline. And of course, SoNo East will be five floors shorter than the existing building, so penthouse owners shouldn't have anything to worry about.
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