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Marquee: New Brokerage, Prices for a Not-So-New Building

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While Sedgwick Properties is working to woo Uptown residents and gain support for Lake View Station, the developer still has plenty of unsold condos on the other side of town. We're looking at you, Marquee and Terrazio. Two years ago, Sedgwick decided to rent out a bunch of usold condos in Marquee (that beige thing at right). Now, many of those rentals are returning to the market as condos, and Conlon is assuming marketing duties of those and the other unsold condos in the building (@properties had previously handled sales). Conlon currently has 8 condos listed on the MLS, but there are about 30 homes for sale in the building with vastly different levels of finish. With the change comes price reductions, although we're not sure how much the prices for each unit have actually changed. That's partly because parking, which was previously included in the price, is now being sold à la carte, making the prices look lower than they actually are. ("NEGOTIABLE," say the listings in all-caps.) To celebrate their coup, Conlon will host a little fiesta next Wednesday from 4-7 promising "a taste of life in the South Loop."
· Listing: 1464 S Michigan Ave [Conlon]