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39-Story Hotel and Senior Tower Proposed for The Loop

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Earlier this week, Crain's published a list of nine planned high-rises in Chicago. Here's one that should probably be added to the list, although it sounds like the development team has a lot of work to do before it becomes reality. The Sun-Times reports that a development team headed by Joseph Zosky is hoping to build a high-rise just down the street from Randolph Tower, at 174 W. Randolph in the Loop. Unlike most of the other proposed high-rises, this one won't have condos or apartments, though; plans call for a massive parking structure at the base, a hotel and senior residences. The Sun-Times article says it'll have 39 floors, but the Studio D Architects website describes a slightly taller 42-story tower with 400 parking spaces and 260 hotel or senior unit. Zosky & company are still working on getting a zoning change, so it'll probably be a few years before this project gets off the ground.
· 39-story tower coming to Randolph Street theater district? [Sun-Times]