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Ted Lilly's Wrigleyville Home Drops $150K Below '07 Sale Price

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There's an unwritten rule for many pro athletes: You will make a lot of money, but you will also lose a lot of money on foolish real estate purchases (unless, of course, you rent). Ex-Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly has been, for the most part, an exception to that rule. He owns 12 properties across the US and has paid cash for most of them. But now it looks like he'll lose money on the Wrigleyville home he's trying to sell. Since listing the home in October, Lilly reduced the price by $300,000 in November, and today the price dropped another $100,000. The 5BD, 5BA home is now listed for $1,999,900 -- $150,000 less than he paid for the new-construction home when he purchased it in 2007.
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