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Crazy "Barrier Reef" Restaurant Proposed for Chicago

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This has been a truly aquatic week here at Curbed, so let's go for broke. A contributor to the SkyScraper City boards posted a handful of photos this morning of Barrier Reef, a proposed Chicago sushi restaurant with a massive cylindrical aquarium attached to the side of the building, and several others inside. From the website:

"Conceived through the innovative design of live-aquarium environments, and a touch of vintage diving paraphernalia paired with a dedication to fine cuisine, Barrier Reef will be an experience as awe-inspiring as the spectacle after which it is named."The price tag is sure to be awe-inspiring, too. Loewenberg Architects drew up these renderings, and there's a detailed website about the restaurant, but Michael Scott Peterson from Diversified Real Estate Concepts says he's still looking for a location (even though the renderings clearly show it to be at Stetson and Wacker).
· Official website: Barrier Reef [Diversified Real Estate Concepts]