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Five Homes in the Chicago Suburbs with Private Indoor Pools

Yesterday, we looked at a handful of Chicago homes with indoor pools that are currently on the market. Now let's turn our attention to the suburbs. People tend to have a bit more space to play with in the 'burbs, and although none of these are Olympic-size, they won't remind you of Sybaris Pool Suites, either.

5. The Property: 180 Sheridan Rd., Winnetka [@properties]
The Price: $1,995,000
The Skinny: Somehow this place was filed under "Colonial" style in the MLS. While it certainly isn't that, it does have some things to recommend it, like the big pool house with the massive skylight overhead. At just under $2 million, it might not be the cheapest suburban home with an indoor pool, but it's the "starter home" of this list.

4. The Property: 1203 Whitebridge Hill Rd., Winnetka [Coldwell Banker]
The Price: $14,000 per month
The Skinny: The pool isn't the biggest or the fanciest, but this place scores big points for its lakefront property. What could be better than swimming some laps in February and watching the snow fall on frozen Lake Michigan from the comfort of a 104-degree hot tub? And if you're still feeling a bit chilly, there's a sauna, too.

3. The Property: 81 Woodley Rd., Winnetka []
The Price: $2,750,000
The Skinny: Everything about this 5,813-square-foot home is traditional, and the indoor pool is no exception. After all, shouldn't it be a tradition to go for a dip beneath two chandeliers and a cathedral ceiling? We think so.

2. The Property: 6500 Hillcrest Dr., Burr Ridge [@properties]
The Price: $7,399,000
The Skinny: A super-sized McMansion, this 22,000-square-foot Burr Ridge home comes with an indoor pool, indoor basketball court, an artificial pond, and an elevator. The place is being sold fully furnished, and taxes for 2008 cost almost $80,000.

1. The Property: 94 Hawthorne Rd., Barrington Hills []
The Price: $9,500,000
The Skinny: They call this 33,500-square-foot palace the "Blue Heron Estate on Hawley Lake," and with fountain sculptures and a two-story ceilings, this isn't your standard Holiday Inn pool. On the left side there's enough room to swim laps, or you can just splash around in the main area. The home also has a private fishing pond and a barn with a hay loft.