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Buy the Man Cave and the Home that Comes With It

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Hot tub? Check. Pool table? Check. Theater room with pleather La-Z-Boys? Check, check. Somebody lived out every bit of their adolescent male fantasy when they purchased this Lincoln Park home back in 1992. But it's been almost 20 years, so we've got to imagine that whoever blinged-out this crib back when George H. W. Bush was in office is all grown up. Now it's time to trade in the Trans-Am for an Audi. The listing copy is even more hyperbolic than most, describing "dramatic living/dining rooms" that are "separated by 2-story atrium where light & nature coincide." Neither light nor nature are coinciding on the ground level, a place where men can be men. The 5BD, 4.5BA home sold for $900K in '92, and it's currently listed for $1,495,000.
· Listing: 2636 North Seminary Avenue []