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Video Interlude: Daley on Cabrini: "You Can't Live in the Past."

It's a rare day that Chicagoans get to demand some accountability from their elected officials (unless you live in Uptown, or maybe Little Village). Filmmakers Ronit Bezalel and Brenda Schumacher are in postproduction on a follow-up to their 1999 doc about Cabrini-Green. Just a short teaser for the new film, "Cabrini Green: Mixing it Up," has been posted online, and in it a young man named Ramond "Shaq" McDonald confronts Mayor Daley about the demolition of Cabrini-Green. "We isolated the poor, we isolated them from their churches," Daley says, explaining that high-rises are being taken down around the country. "Memories are always stated within the mind, but everybody changes. Every community has changed in Chicago."
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