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After 7 Years, Psychedelic Parking Structure on Devon Almost Done

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Years ago, when West Rogers Park residents saw renderings of this colorful mess they were incredulous -- and angry. Neighbors filed a lawsuit against the developer, but that only served to stall the inevitable. An article from the Medill News Service (those kids have been working this week) reports that the $16-million project is near completion, and although it'll bring much-needed parking to the area, neighborhood residents are still a bit vexed by its presence. "It's like having a spaceship land in your backyard," one resident told Medill. Greg Brewer, an architect who's running for 50th Ward Alderman, declared it "so poorly designed as to be almost non-functional." Whatever it is, it's almost finished. And if you want to live in it, there will be 24 condos on the upper floors.
· If alderman has his way, Devon parking structure will open by Election Day [Medill]