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Three Reductions at Studio Dwell-Designed 155 N. Aberdeen

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A couple of years ago, Studio Dwell Architects designed two small condo developments in the West Loop and Wicker Park that both featured large duplex units. Neither of them sold very well. Last week, Crib Chatter reported that the 9-unit building at 1919 W. Crystal is now bank-owned, and that new condos are listed for $100K less than '09 buyers paid for similar units. Things aren't quite so dire at 155 N. Aberdeen (pictured), where three unsold units were just reduced by $25,000 to $50,000. In the past two years, buyers have paid $655,000 to $980,000 ($365 to $468 per square foot) for homes that have closed in that building. The four 3BD, 3BA duplexes listed by Jason Beckstrom from Conlon are priced from $749,000 to $899,900 ($326 to $360 per square foot). That's a bit lower than '09 buyers paid, but not enough to make them feel like complete suckers.
· Listing: 155 N. Aberdeen Ave. #301 [Conlon]
· Listing: 155 N. Aberdeen Ave. #302 [Conlon]
· Listing: 155 N. Aberdeen Ave. #306 [Conlon]