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Is 200 Squared Undercutting Chicago's Downtown Rental Market?

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Rents are pretty low at 200 Squared, the new 42-story high-rise at Wells and Lake in the Loop. So low, in fact, that developer Jay Javors might be undercutting his downtown competitors. Well, who better to ask than the developer of a nearby rental high-rise? For a completely unbiased view on the rents at 200 Squared, Crain's turned to Steven Fifield, one of the developers of Alta at K Station, for this little insight: "To get people in, they've needed to give away the store." The Crain's article reports that 82 of the building's 247 units are ready for tenants, and 43 apartments have been leased so far. The rest of the units, as well as the pool and fitness center are expected to be finished in March.
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200 Squared

210 N. Wells St, Chicago, IL 60606