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Roosevelt Road Fire Station to Become Community Art Studio

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A year ago, the city issued a request for development proposals for the old Engine Co. 18 fire station at 1123 W. Roosevelt Rd., prompting cries of "Ghostbusters!" from Crib Chatterers. Bill Murray & company won't be moving into the 2-story fire house; instead, it'll get new life as an art studio. An ordinance was introduced last month to sell the 1873 structure for $325,000 to Jason Nowak and Jessica Beauchemin so that they can open the Fire Work Community Art Studio. Their plans call for $683,000 in repairs and renovations to the 7,400-square-foot building that include solar panels, a green roof. The masonry exterior will be preserved, and art will hang from the firemen's poles. The art center will have kilns, glass ovens and a full commercial kitchen according to a December press release. The City Council Committee on Housing and Real Estate already approved the sale, and the Sun-Times reports that the city council is expected to sign off on the proposal this week.
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