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The Top Five Priciest Mansions For Sale in Kenwood

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A number of big, million-dollar homes have hit the market in Kenwood in the past few weeks, so we thought we'd take a look at all of the million-dollar homes in Mansionland. All five of these super-sized homes have been on the market for less than four months.

5. Address: 4906 S. Greenwood Ave.
Price: $1.97 million
The Skinny: NASA scientist Thanasis Economou bought this 1910 home since 1998, and the 7BD, 6.5BA home looks massive. Listings say there's an upstairs ballroom, and the basement man cave, with its pool table and fireplace, looks exceedingly manly.
· Listing: 4906 S Greenwood Ave [MetroPro]

4. Address: 1219 E. 50th St.
Price: $1.99 million
The Skinny: This place is a bit of a head-scratcher. At just 4,000 square feet, it's smaller than the other homes on this list, but the price doesn't reflect that. The 6BD, 5.5BA home sold last year for $1.09 million, and it was relisted in October for $1.99 million. Listings say it was completely rehabbed with new electric, plumbing and HVAC, but is that really worth $900K?
· Listing: 1219 E. 50th St. [MetroPro]

3. Address: 4921 S. Ellis Ave.
Price: $2 million
The Skinny: Built on an oversize 50' x 291' lot, this mansion hit the market earlier this week, and with 10,000 square feet, it weighs in as the neighborhood's largest home. Listings say it was designed by the architect Alfred Altshuler in 1897 and renovated in 1995. The 6BD, 5.5BA home has five fireplaces and a large vegetable garden.
· Listing: 4921 S. Ellis Ave. [Koenig & Strey]

2. Address: 4750 S. Drexel Blvd.
Price: $2.59 million
The Skinny: "Kenwood Mansion or Kenwood Palace?" asks the listing. How about "Kenwood monstrosity?" This 8,500-square-foot home provides a good blueprint for what not to do with a perfectly good 19th-century mansion -- namely, building enclosed balconies on the front. The place also has a roof deck and a steam shower with nine body jets.
· 4750 South Drexel [Coldwell Banker]

1. Address: 4937 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Price: $2.7 million
The Skinny: This 6,000-square-foot just came to the market yesterday, and it's currently the most expensive home on the market in Kenwood. Why? An excellent renovation tastefully restored some of the home's vintage charm, while adding some nice modern amenities.
· Listing: 4937 S. Woodlawn Ave. [Redfin]