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A 3BD Flooded with Light on a Leafy Street in Little Italy

Today's lesson plan: Real estate photography dos and don'ts — with an emphasis on the don'ts. This 2,000-square-foot condo in Little Italy is probably a pretty decent place, but you wouldn't know it from these pictures. Whoever took the photos made sure to shoot directly into the sunny windows, leaving everything looking dim and underexposed. The kitchen has granite and stainless steel according to the listing, but all you can see in that photo is the tomatoes on the window sill because everything else is so dark. The photog also didn't turn on any lights, nor did they bother to tidy up that loft area near the pool table. And that exterior shot is worthy of Robert Darrow's 'Bad Real Estate Photos' list. The 3BD, 2BA last sold in 2007 for $422,000, and it's currently listed for $379,900.
· Listing: 1401 West Fillmore Street Unit: C []