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Rebori-Goldberg Gold Coast Mansion Drops Another $260K

Looks like the market for the Florsheim Mansion isn't quite as strong as the owner had previously thought. The 4,500-square-foot home was listed over the summer for $2.5 million; it was reduced to $2.35 million in October; and over the weekend it was reduced again, to $2.09 million. That latest reduction brings it down $140,000 below what the current owner paid for it when they purchased it from former Museum of Contemporary Art director Robert Fitzpatrick in 2006. As we've written before, the Andrew Rebori-designed building was built in 1938 as a multi-unit apartment building, and was later converted into a single residence by Bertrand Goldberg in the 1950s. Goldberg added a long, galley-style kitchen to connect the two wings of the house, and beneath the suspended kitchen there is a small courtyard.
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