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Wrecking Ball To Claim Two More Cabrini-Green Mid-Rises

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And then there was only one. Two more mid-rises in the Cabrini-Green housing project on the Near North Side were closed this week, leaving one lonely white mid-rise standing at 1230 N Burling St. There are currently 39 families living in that one, and they're supposed to vacate the premises by January 15. "Where will they go?" you ask. A very good question. October will mark the 11th anniversary of the CHA's Plan for Transformation, and the dark shadow of the housing crisis looms over the plan. The development of mixed-income housing, which is supposed to replace the crumbling mid-rises, hinges on market-rate condos and townhouses, and construction of those has ground to a halt. Nobody knows for sure where the displaced families will live, but to relive some of the Cabrini magic, tune in to this old promo trailer for Gangsta City.

·Two Cabrini buildings close, only 1 left [Sun-Times]