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Some Jerk Won't Vacate Rahm Emanuel's House

Rahm Emanuel is expected to step down from his post as White House Chief of Staff sometime this week to throw his hat in the mayoral race, but it looks like he better get a good lawyer first—and a real estate agent. When Rahm went to D.C., he leased his home at 4228 N Hermitage St to some dude named Rob Halpin, and Halpin isn't budging. The original lease would have expired on September 1, but Rahm signed an extension in June, less than a week before Mayor Daley announced he wouldn't be running. Bad timing for Rahm, who offered Halpin three months rent to get out of his house, but Halpin is still filibustering. "Look, according to the lease I am not allowed to speak to the media about the house," Halpin told the Sun-Times, "but I can tell you I have no plans to move." Doesn't this guy know what happens when you make Rahmbo angry?

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