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Any Attractive Ladies Wanna Get Ogled by This 40-Year-Old Creep?

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The first thing you should know is "this is NOTHING sexual so don't get the wrong idea." Sheesh. Can't you haters let a decent-looking 40-year-old who lives out by O'Hare prowl for a sexy, young female roommate? Besides, he isn't just looking to get laid; this guy has tried living with dudes (and dogs) before.

I'm just tired of renting to dudes and dogs so why not try an attractive female. Am I being too honest here? I mean yeah I am a guy and I do look like to look at hot women, so if you can't handle the truth then please dont reply.ABOUT YOU: Have a steady job and income, not a prude, open minded, clean, attractive, won't mind me checking you out and be able to PAY RENT ON TIME. OK, so he is just trying to get laid. And another thing: "To those of you that have to send out hate mail, go ahead it makes me laugh! LOL." Any takers? ·$400 Male 4 Female Housemate [Craigslist]