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For $650/Month, Be the Third Wheel in This St. Charles Bromance

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Do you like playing mini basketball? Magic? Leather sofas? Then this is the pace for you! Former frat-mates Matt and Scott are in the market for a roommate in their 4BR St. Charles house, which is currently being remodeled with a "Frank Loyd Wright Theme." Take it away, Scott!

Me and my roommate matt are both 28. Went to college together, lived in a frat, played lacrosse together.....we are very tight, his sister calls it a bromance, my friends call it my heterosexual life mate. Hes just a great roommate have had over 15 and by far the best.Don't worry about getting bored living out in the sticks, they've got games galore!
We have a dart board, fuzz ball [sic], and few leather coachs [sic] and an Entertaniemnt [sic] center. And they crash weddings and do magic and whatnot.

Me and my roommate study social dynamics, weird I know, but its our thing. We also do magic. We do kids parties, wedding parties, and corporate events. Were like the guys from wedding crashers, and we have crashed a few parties. We like to have fun and will not let anyone bring down our fun.And most importantly, the drug policy:We do go out to the bars on the weekend and do bring girls back to the house occasionally. We preparty and post party after the bars. We are 420 friendly. No drugs in the house .,but wont think less of you if thats your thing as long as you pay your rent.

·$650 Unique Roommate Wanted for huge house [Craigslist]