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Finalists Named to Live in MS&I for a Month

Remember that Ben Stiller movie, Night at the Museum? It wasn't very good! But that didn't discourage the Museum of Science & Industry from borrowing an idea from it. In July, MS&I launched Month at the Museum, a competition for one person to spend a month living in the comfy confines of the Hyde Park museum. The finalists are, as you might expect, a bit nerdy. As for their accommodations, the above image shows the winner's fishbowl-style office. (The bed will be moved upstairs to a more private bedroom area.) Last month, Chicago Mag's Jennifer Wehunt asked the burning question that we've all been wondering:
What about conjugal visits?

“That’s not in the plan but, then again, we’re going to play it as we go. If this person is in a relationship or is married and wants to bring the family over one night—there’s not a lot of room [in the private quarters], but we’re looking at this person as the most honored guest we’ve ever hosted here, and we’ve hosted the queen of England. We want this person to have fun.”No booze and no sex for a month? Sounds like a blast. ·Final 5 chosen for MSI Month at the Museum [Chicago Breaking News]