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Who Wants To Come Play In This Urban Sandbox?

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We were delighted when Ranquist Development announced plans to transform the 1600 block of North Wolcott Avenue into a playful sandbox of modern architecture, but as sand slips through the hourglass the development still doesn't look like the renderings. For one thing, two of the five single-family homes were never built, which has the effect of a missing tooth on an otherwise pretty smile. On the north side, one of the Miller Hull Partnership-designed single-families is still on the market, for an asking price of $2.15 million. The 6,163 square-foot home comes with a landscaped terrace and a four-car garage. In the meantime, the enterprising developer-agent Karen Ranquist has turned her attention elsewhere, building a six-unit building at 2028 W Division St, and announcing plans for a six-unit conversion of an old convent on Hermitage Avenue in Bucktown.

·1627 N Wolcott Ave [Rubloff]

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