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Theater Company Dramatizes Cabrini-Green Demolition

You can take the drama out of Cabrini-Green, but you can’t take Cabrini-Green out of drama. Playwright Jacob Juntunen chose the destruction of the nation's most infamous public housing project as the backdrop for Under America, which is currently playing at the Atheneum Theatre. The synopsis:

Her job threatened, a reporter from Chicago's Gold Coast must write a series on public housing, gentrification, and the prison industry. But when she moves into the infamous Cabrini Green projects, she tries to help with the legal problems of a young man willing to get out by any means necessary.
For the trailer (which might be better than the play itself, judging from these reviews), they used Ryan Flynn's time-lapse footage of the demolition of one of the "whites" at 660 W Division St. To see more of that footage, go here.

·Trailer for Under America [Mortar Theatre Company]

660 W Division St Chicago