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As Cabrini Disappears, Parkside of Old Town Takes Its Place

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There was no groundbreaking ceremony (at least not that we were invited to), but quietly, workers broke ground on Phase 2 of Parkside of Old Town. A seven-story mid-rise called The Oak is now under construction at the corner of Larrabee and Oak streets (we recently became aware of this because the Halsted bridge is out, and most of the traffic has been routed to Larrabee). The building will be a virtual carbon-copy of the one located two blocks to the north, and according to an old community report, it'll contain 112 rental units, six of which will be located in townhouses, with a breakdown of 20 market rate, 53 affordable and 39 CHA replacement units. As the construction sign indicates, the building should be finished a year from now.
· Official website: Parkside of Old Town [Parkside of Old Town]

The Oak

544 West Oak Street, Chicago, IL 60610