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Logan Square NIMBYs Seek to Block Zapata Apartments in Court

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Maybe we're missing something, but neither this building nor the others planned for the Zapata Apartments in Logan square look very large or dense. But that's what the anti-development group Armitage Neighbors Together (ANT) is charging. For several years the Bickerdike Redevelopment Corp. has been working to bring more affordable housing to the area surrounding Armitage and Kimball on the southern edge of Logan Square. The Chicago Zoning Committee finally approved the 61-unit scatter-site development (scaled back from the 75 units originally proposed) in late August. Now, the Sun-Times reports that ANT is suing the city and Bickerdike, claiming the four new buildings will be "drastically larger and more dense" than the surrounding area. Well, if you compare them to the vacant lots they'll be replacing, then yes, the Zapata Apartments will be big and dense. Also at issue is the allocation of TIF money to the development.
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