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Near North 'Trophy Home' Still Looking for a Rock Star

We look at a lot of real estate listings, so it takes something special to make us do a double-take. This place has that power. It isn't rare to find a $3-million condo on the Near North Side, but it is rather uncommon to find one in an unassuming brick elevator building like this one. Crib Chatter posted an item about the place in October, and many of the commenters noted the building's unique setting. The Marshall Field Garden Apartments are located across the street, along with the HQ for the Jesse White Tumblers. (In the Google Street View you can see what looks like some Tumblers practicing their routine — that, or just some kids waiting for the bus.) And as another commenter noted, it's right next to the stables on Sedgewick: "LOL oh yeah this is literally on the horse grazing yard... so not only will you have zero in common with your neighbors, you'll get to smell horse poop 24/7." That's a bit of a stretch, but add that stuff to the five wall-mounted guitars, the oversized vases in the living room and the piano beneath the grand staircase, and you have one of the most... unique places on the market. The 7,000-square-foot condo is listed for the modest price of $2.99 million, or for rent for $9,900 per month.
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