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Your Daily Webster Square Sound Bite: Defining a Blivet

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"As I've said before, trying to put this here is like trying to put 10 pounds of manure in a 5 pound bag. It just won't fit." —former 43rd Ward alderman Marty Oberman, speaking at the grocery store protest on Sunday. Oberman isn't just saying the development is a sack of shit (although he is of course saying that), he's saying that the Fresh Market grocery store is a blivet, or an "impossible object." Physically, there's nothing impossible about it, though. The developer has identified an unsightly parking structure at the corner of Lincoln and Webster that they'd like to convert into a 12,000-square-foot grocery store. Pretty straightforward. Reconciling that with folks like Oberman has been anything but. · Complete Webster Square coverage [Curbed Chicago]

Webster Square

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