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North Center Six-Flat Transmogrified Into a Single-Family

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No slight-of-hand tricks here, just a place in North Center that puts the 'extreme' in 'extreme makeover.' @properties agent Robert Darrow discovered this little rehab project at the corner of Bell Avenue and Grace Street yesterday, and posted it to his blog. Google Street View still shows the building during construction (at left), and on his website Darrow has a photo of the building across the street, which looks pretty much identical to this one, pre-makeover. Darrow notes that the building isn't very wide, but it's still six times larger than the apartments the building used to hold. A 2008 building permit for this address called for a gut rehab and breezeway addition, valuing the work at $450,000. Later modifications called for the addition of pergolas and a hot tub.
· Before and after. Seen in St. Ben’s [Your Windy City Guide]