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Curbed Cup: Nominations Open for Neighborhood of the Year!

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Hear, hear! We're announcing Curbed Chicago's first annual Curbed Cup, a bracket-style tournament to determine Chicago's 2010 Neighborhood of the Year! The fun will kick off next week, when we'll present you with the first round of head-to-head matchups, but first we need help selecting neighborhoods that are worthy of the title. That's where you come in.

The tournament will feature eight (8) neighborhoods, and we need you (yes, you) to help us figure out which 'hoods merit consideration. Things to consider: Which neighborhoods took the biggest step forward in terms of real estate development? Got new parks? Restaurants / retail? Less crime? Swifter dog poo removal? Increased property value? In the comments beneath this post, tell us which neighborhood(s) you nominate, and why. And for you lurkers out there who don't wish to comment, send your nominations to us in an email.