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First Look at New Plans for The Gateway in the West Loop

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While your attention was diverted by that angry mob of anti-development protesters Lincoln Park, Antunovich Associates quietly posted a new set of renderings for The Gateway. The Skokie-based Taxman Corporation unveiled its vision for the southwest corner of Madison and Halsted streets in the West Loop last spring, proposing to build a high-rise with 228 rental apartments, a grocery store and a 205-room hotel. At a community meeting in April, residents voiced concerns over the height of the high-rise, claiming it would create a "canyon effect," or some such thing. Since then, the architect and developer have significantly tweaked the original plans. The Antunovich website now describes a "16-story 192 unit luxury residential tower" (a 36-unit reduction from the previous version), and there's no longer any mention of a hotel. Sy Taxman says he's trying to schedule another meeting with the community to discuss the revised plans. [Hat tip to spyguy]
· Some residents oppose height of tower in Gateway Project [Chicago Journal]

The Gateway

14 South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60607