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Curbed Awards 2010 Real Estate: The Buildings!

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Biggest Seller

No condo development has experienced as much success as Elysian during the recession. The building owns all the top spots in 2010 condo sales, and in one week alone at the beginning of this month, seven condos sold for a combined $36.3 million.

Biggest Failed Development

The Chicago Spire's long, slow death march predates the existence of Curbed Chicago by several years, but our little site launched just in time to hammer the final few nails in the ill-fated skyscraper's coffin. Now we'll never speak of it again (until 2011).
Runner-up #1: In May, Lexington Park Condominiums was handed back over to its lender and all of the contracts for the tower were nullified. Then, YoChicago learned that the empty high-rise had flooded, probably damaging the entire building. The fate of the building is still uncertain, but it's likely to return to the market as rental apartments sometime in the next year or two.
Runner-up #2: Sales at Mondial in River West have been so dismal that developer-architect Jack Berger has been suffering from diarrhea.

Trend of the Year
Church conversions have been been among our most popular posts in the past three months. We aren't exactly sure why, but people seem to like fantasizing about living in a church (although like anything else these days, they haven't exactly been flying off the shelves). The biggest church conversion we've been covering is of course the St. Boniface senior center, but there have been plenty of others, like this, this, this, and these.

Best New High-Rise

Still less than half of the apartments in EnV are leased, but damn if it doesn't look like those tenants are having a good time over there. A glimpse at their Facebook page shows scenes of hula dancing, a fashion show, boozy parties, and DOGS! So many dogs.